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Orthodontic services

List of ortho services

Early treatment

Help your child improve their smile with adolescent braces!

Our orthodontists and team offer early orthodontics to treat developing problems and help children grow and develop properly.

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Adolescent braces

Help your child improve their smile with adolescent braces!

The teenage years are the perfect time to straighten teeth and improve smiles. Call to make an appointment!

Adult braces

It's never too late

You can achieve a beautiful smile at any age!

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Orthodontic appliances help align your teeth and smile.

A removable orthodontic appliance may be recommended as part of your treatment plan if standard orthodontic treatment cannot complete specific tooth movements.



Retainers help keep your newly aligned teeth in their proper positions after you have completed orthodontic treatment.

A retainer is a custom-made oral appliance often used to maintain the alignment of your teeth after orthodontic treatment. If you have finished your orthodontic treatment, our orthodontists may recommend a retainer to keep your smile properly aligned.

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Oral hygiene with braces


Maintaining good oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment is key to ensuring your teeth and smile stay healthy.



Digital impressions help ensure you receive high-quality care

Digital impressions allow our dentists to create higher-quality restorations and oral appliances to meet your needs.

Teen Braces

Same day braces

Don't wait for a straighter smile. Get braces in a single visit.

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